Preheating our engine saves us money by extending the engine’s service life. Pre heating the engine before starting will eliminate one rebuild during the racing season. We see less wear and safely run the engine well past where we used to send it in for a rebuild. Pre-heating with the Hot Head engine heating allows optimal piston and cylinder clearance to be at designed specification and mix oil to achieve maximum performance”

Here are some facts that we learned about after using our system this season:

  • The initial/first start-up the engine feels “free” and revs without laboring
  • We used less fuel during the day to keep engine warm
  • Less engine and clutch wear from having to run engine for warm up
  • We had more stable race temps during the day, 55C degrees on hard throttle/load
  • Driver was more confident on the starts with engine at correct temp rather than worrying it was not warm enough
Jeff Wesell, 2012 Champion