SuperNats 2015: “Beyond prepared”

The Supernationals XIX are only a few days away and, like Superkarts! USA CEO Tom Kutscher, we are “beyond excited.” The new venue at the Las Vegas Convention Center, in the heart of the Vegas Strip, along with their partnership with CBS Sports Network and promises to bring more prominence and publicity to “the largest karting event in the world.”

Some racers claim that their entire season is merely practice, that is, practicing for the Supernats, "the big one".  It is taxing to consider all of the scenarios that can keep you from having an epic week in Vegas such as 2013 when the unpredictable weather brought rain that caught everyone off guard and forcing teams to air freight rain tires to their hotel.  Weather can can be an excuse for a bad showing or...

Being prepared for the weather can play a big role in the outcome of all outdoor activites, going to the lake, hunting, picnicking.  Most everyone checks the weather before they pack clothes or even prior to scheduling the outing.  Most racer overlook the details of this simple ritual but make every conceivable plans for mechanical scenarios, bent axels, crashed frames, blown motors.  We all know by now that this year looks like wet weather will not be a concern at the Supernats but there is another weather influence that separate the prepared from the not so prepared.

Being prepared means that knowing what the temperature is throughout the day and event.  Warm conditions can force changing the radiator for one with more cooling capacity, while cold conditions force us racers to make specific tire pressure changes and "taping off" the radiator so the engine can run at the ideal temperature.

Being prepared for cold temperature also rests on the shoulders of the driver once his helmet is strapped.  Being cautious during initial laps to avoid the dreaded cold engine seizure.  It may be easy to bring in the reins during practice sessions but virtually impossible to hold back initially during qualifying and, heats and mains.  Knowing what you will be facing each hour before you get to the track will help.

Being prepared for extreme weather conditions takes little effort.  There are a number of sources for daily temperature profiles during the week.  This week's Supernationals has a very predictable forecast which includes no rain but will challenge your team with typical, historic lows averaging 44F and highs of 66F.  Specific daily highs and lows range from 37F on Monday morning to the highest temperature reached (72F) on Friday at 3:00 PM.  Don't wait to ask cerri as you are grabbing your driving gear.

Being prepared means that a link such as . Should be studied during the previous evening prior to leaving the track.  This habit may alert one to drain the water from the cooling system avoiding a cracked engine block or damage water pump impeller when you return in the morning.  The real pay off comes when you get to the track and you know everyone on your team has considered and prepared for details that were overlooked by your competitors. The details will be worth tenths of seconds and make the difference between just racing and winning.

We wish all the drivers the best of luck in this year’s SuperNats and a congratulations to Superkarts! USA on the new venue!

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