How To Extend The Life Of Your Racing Engine

Don't start and run your racing engine unless it radiates heat like the ones above. Poor qualifying times and DNFs can be dealt with for less than the cost of a set of tires. Like professional teams, you will extend your engine life, reduce wear, failures and lower your qualifying times. Using the CUBE's 1000 powerful watts to circulate the coolant will achieve and maintain long lasting heat. Conversely, relying on sliding friction and combustion chamber explosions to reach this state is unnecessary and sub-par, in fact unreasonable to expect similar uniform heating. Extended heat "soaking" produces proper cylinder and bearing clearance for more power while migrating heat thins your gear oil for faster acceleration. This is why, every time you jump onto the track you can mash the throttle, "the car feels like it does half way through a heat race, responsive and lively" increasing opportunity to "make passes when they are going slow".

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