Cube Engine Heater

The CUBE is an on-board heating unit that heats, circulates, and regulates the temperature of your engine and cooling system.  The compact and lightweight unit contains a heating element, rare-earth pump, and thermostat.  At less than 2lbs (1kg) the powerful  1000 watt output heats both engine and radiator in about 10 minutes.  Just like top F1, NASCAR, and World of Outlaws Sprint Car teams, your racing machine is ready to deliver maximum horsepower and faster acceleration with less wear and chance of engine failure.



15+ years racing professional MotocrossAbout Pete Antioch Win, crossed over to USAC Midgets in '88, with a little mountain bike and Go Cart racing sprinkled in for good measure. Challenges excite me. This is a mild curse, usually channeled into developing collective ideas into cool products. Professional Motocross and Midget racing careers have fostered most of my best friendships. Friends and acquaintances know my weakness and exploit it with comments like, "Hey, this thing is crappy and expensive, you could probably make a better one." That's all it takes, and is precisely what it took to build my first engine heater in 2004. Another acquaintance saw me using it at a national indoor race and said, "Hey, I want that in our April catalog." Again, that's all it took. Developing products is like racing: study your environment, be alert at the start, play fair while yarding your competition, and share the excitement of good results with the people around you.


Owner Pete Davis's mechanical engineering background includes several years at NASA, followed by a rewarding 37 years experience at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  With Pete's specialty ultra-precision machine design and manufacturing process development, it is no coincidence that the engine heater business and precision machine stability share the same temperature control benefits.

Our Team

  • Pete Davis, Inventor

    Owner Pete Davis engineering background includes several years at NASA then rewarding 37 year experience at Lawrence Livermore…

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  • Pete Davis, Racer

    15+ years racing professional Motocross crossed over in '88 to USAC Midgets, with a little mountain bike and…

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  • Darren Townsley

    Electrical Engineer, racer and owner of Integrated Quality Incorporated.  IQI is a UL approved integrator who is responsible…

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  • Kelli Pearson

    Marketing Executive, owner of DesignCo Marketing in Pleasanton CA. Kelli Pearson is responsible for establishing overall brand identity, digital…

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Our advantages

Winning races in the pits - Preheat your racing engine will give you that same, on-track edge that successful professionals win with. The chances are your performance advantage is not being used by your competition, yet! Specifically, always being prepared to stage, qualify and race at any time. Read the track and make decisive last minute changes while everyone else is having to run their engine.
Qualify better and initial passing execution - Every time you hit the track your confidence will be boosted by the different feel your engine will have. Noticeable, immediate power and acceleration, the same snappy response you feel 5 laps into a heat race. In addition to optimized combustion, pre-heating thins engine and gear oil.
Protect your engine - Cold starts generate significant engine wear and cause cold seizures. Tractor (trailer) rigs struggle with heavy loading for more than 1 million miles for the same reason our teams have documented a 1/3 increase in service life. Eliminate cold seizure from your vocabulary and enjoy measurable maintenance cost reduction.
Save on fuel cost - Why not totally eliminate the small amounts of fuel used to warm up your engines. Even if it only amounts to 3 gallons of race gas every year, $50 a year can add up! Use the savings to celebrate after a win!
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